Abilora combines services, jobs, capabilities and spare time.
Abilora is open to everyone and you can either publish or find your social, cultural or professional interests.

Abilora has been programmed by Massimiliano Faga and Roberto Miguel. They know each other since their childhood and they've created this platform so that anyone finds what he or she is looking for or whatever their needs are.

Why should you be part of Abilora?
Abilora offers its platform so that you can publish what your talents are or to find people that share the same passions. All of this is free of charge. Abilora links you virtually with your "neighbours". Develop your social network, get to know new people and enrich your and our lives.
You can make use of Abilora and do it without any economic advantage or earn something from it, it is freely up to you. We only kindly advise you to respect tax regulations.
We would like to think, that Abilora makes you do the first step, into developing your own company.


Question & Answer

How much does Abilora cost and what are your obligations?

Abilora.com is completely free of charge and without obligations.

Do I need to create a profile to create a new ad?

Yes, you need to create a profile and that takes less than one minute to do so.

What are the rules of Abilora?

Search and publish as much as you want, but be fair with people and consider tax regulations. It's good for the karma.

Is Abilora only for companies?

Anyone can use Abilora.com.

How is the comunication between interested parties?

The comunication is handled directly and is not monitored or saved by Abilora.

Do I still have to pay contributions (tax and social benefits)?

Please respect the rules and laws of your country.




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